Sponsored Research

Sl. No Title Sponsoring Organisation Project Cost (Rs. in Lakhs) PI of the Project Department Duration (Years) Start Date
14 Development of suitable material for visible light induced photocatalytic hydrogen production from industrial waste water SERB, DST, New Delhi (Collaborative Project with  BITS, Pilani) 17.49 (Total Project Cost: 53.32) Priyabra-ta Mohapat-ra Chemistry 3 Nov 2017
13 Study of mechanical and wear behaviour of mg–b4c–gr hybrid composites Institution of Engineers (India) 0.3 H. Joardar Mechanical 0.5 August 2017
12 Modulation of piezoelectric and electromechanical properties in percolative polymer-ceramic-graphene nanocomposite for low frequency energy harvester SERB, DST, New Delhi 25.054 Sabyasa-chi Parida Physics 3 July 2017
11 Assessment on Distribution of Heavy Minerals along Brahmagiri to Puri Coast and their Recovery with Special Emphasis to Zircon Minerals SERB, DST, New Delhi 26.356 Sunita Routray Mech,Engg 3 March 2017
10 Utilization of PLK (Partially laterised Khondalite) as a potential and value added filler material with specific reference to white ceramics and pigments NALCO (Collaborative Project with JNARDDC) 24.42 (Total Project Cost: 52.92) Ranjita Swain Chem. Engg 3 March 2017
9 Preparation and evaluation of phase change Materials by macro encapsulation for thermal solar energy Institution of Engineers (India) 0.4945 Sunita Routray Mech. Engg 1 Oct. 2016
8 Flexible multidentate ligand and Pd2+ based supramolecular discrete coordination compounds to heterobimetallic coordination polymers and its applicants SERB, DST, Govt. of India 29. 37 Niladri Bihari Debata Chemistry 3 July  2016
7 Fly ash plastic waste composite in bituminous concrete mixtures for development of highway roads Institution  of Engineers (India) 0.35 Ranjita Swain Chem. Engg 1 May 2016
6 Anodic dissolution of partially reduced TiO2 to produce Ti by molten salt electrolysis Science and Engineering Research Board, DST, Govt. of India 26.06 Jayshree Mohanty Chemistry 3 August 2015
5 Synthesis and characterization of polymer ferroelectric nano-composite for embedded capacitor application CSIR, New Delhi 15.96 Tanmaya Badapanda Physics 3 Nov 2014
4 Developing Technology & Products in the area of Nano Technology, Renewable Energy, Instrumentation & Automation, etc. MSME, New Delhi 19. 78 C. V. Raman College of Engg CVRCE 2 Sept. 2013
3 Design and validation of simulated aerobic composting apparatus to evaluable biodegradable L. compostable plastic AICTE, New Delhi 15. 86 R.R. Pradhan Chem, Engg 3 July, 2013
2 Studies for and development Technology for Electron Beam processing for enhancing Shelf/storage life of Stevia Rebaudiana leaved Board of Research in Nuclear Science (BRNS), Govt. of India 24. 90 R.R. Pradhan Chem. Engg 3 July 2012
1 Graphene Nano Particle-Composites (GNCs) for Catalytic Application SERB, DST, Govt. of India 24.37 Priyabra-ta Mohapa-tra Chemistry 3 July 2012